DIAGRAM 956 – Crown Copyright. TSRGD (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions) Diagram 956 (S3‐2‐29) Route for use by pedal cycles and pedestrians only.

Traffic Signs Manual – 11.11.3. Where a footway (forming part of a road) or footpath (e.g. through a park) has been converted to an unsegregated route shared by pedestrians and cyclists, this is indicated by the sign diagram 956 (S3‐2‐29, see Figure 11‐18). This prohibits the use of the route by any other vehicles and should be located where the shared route begins. Repeater signs may be placed along the route in order to remind both pedestrians and cyclists that pedal cycles can be legally ridden on the footway or footpath.

Blue is Pantone 300. CMYK – C100 M44 Y0 K0. RGB – R0 G121 B193. Crown Copyright.